Guillotine Desktop Stack Paper Cutter COME SG® -198 - 12" Cutting Width

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The COME SG®-198 desktop guillotine stack paper cutter is the baseline 12" model.  It is a heavy-duty and commercial grade guillotine stack paper cutter fitted with an all steel base with computer generated dual measures (standard inches and metrics) and a machined steel side gauge with standard measures (1/32" resolution).

The blade assembly houses a hardened high-speed steel blade with a safety blade lock that is automatically engaged to prevent accidental cutting until released.  It features a positive paper clamp that firmly holds the paper stack in place while cutting.  The blade assembly is also vertically adjustable to compensate for the slight loss of blade height after each re-sharpening.  It is also equipped with a long lasting and rotate-able cutting stick (the material that the blade rests on when it cuts) that gives you 4 times more lifespan.  The back support is magnetic-based.

The maximum cutting width of this model is 12" and the thickness capacity if 400 sheets of 20 LB bond paper.