Guillotine Desktop Stack Paper Cutter COME-9770EZ - 19" Cutting Width

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The COME®-9770EZ is a commercial heavy-duty , durable, and portable desktop guillotine stack paper cutter/trimmer made of all steel.  It's maximum cutting width is 19". The COME®-9770EZ comes with an all steel cutting platform and an all steel extension table that are made of rugged heavy-duty steel of 1/8" thickness.  The sturdy blade assembly is equipped with a positive paper clamp that locks down the paper stack firmly in place, eliminating shifting and tearing to ensure precise cuts.  As a safety measure, the COME®-9770EZ is equipped with a safety lock that is engaged automatically to lock the cutting blade until released.

The blade edge is made of high speed steel (HSS) with the hardness grade of 60-62 on the Rockwell Equivalent C scale (i.e., 60-62 HRC).  It  will last over 1,000 cuts before requiring re-sharpening or replacement.  it is razor sharp and can cut through a 300 sheets of 20 lb paper stack with a single easy stroke. 

With an all metal side gauge with a steel ruler in 1/32" and 1mm resolution, an aluminum alloy clamp wheel, and a precise backstop that is molded out solid aluminum, this commercial-quality paper cutter is designed to last and perform.  The COME®-9770EZ can be used to cut and trim any types of copier/printer/photo papers, card stock, books, leather materials, and fabrics.  It is ideal for any businesses, schools, churches, photo, and printing shops.

How is this cutter different from other similar products?

1 - For paper cutters equipped with metal cutting bases, a common problem is that there may be a gap between the bottom of the back support arm and the metal cutting base. This is due to the fact, as we all know, that metal may shrink or expand due to temperature changes.  Consequently, the cutting base may curve slightly from time to time and the sheets on the bottom of the stack to be cut may slip through the gap. The all aluminum back support arm of the COME®-9770EZ is equipped with a special device that either extends or retracts according to the shape of the cutting base to ensure that it seamlessly “curves” with the cutting base.

2 - The back support arm/sliding bar of the COME®-9770EZ can simply be raised to accommodate longer and larger stacks as shown in the illustration below.  With other cutters, you'll have to completely remove the back support arm to cut longer and larger documents.

3 - The COME®-9770EZ is equipped with the optional back support/extension table.  The back support/extension table extends the back side of the cutter and provides a more well balanced and stable platform for the cutter.  It also provides balanced support for the stack to be cut and also catches the output from the cutter.

4 - The COME®-9770EZ is equipped with a hardened high speed steel (HSS) cutting blade.  The blades can be re-sharpened or replaced if necessary.  However, after each re-sharpening, blades can get "ever so slightly" shorter, The COME®-9770EZ has built-in mechanisms to adjust blade assembly to compensate for the slight loss of blade height after each re-sharpening.

5 - It’s very easy to change the blade on the 9770EZ. All you need to do is to remove a few screws. It takes only a few minutes to do it. The COME-9770EZ also comes with a blade catcher for you to remove and install blades so you don't risk your fingers.